To access your Dashboard go to


Begin by entering your e-mail and password.

Forgot Password

To recover your password follow the link "Forgot your password?", present in the login page.


A key is a central element to a homeit user. By creating a key you give access to a guest for a specific property. Your guest will be able to use the keypad, a text message or the homeit App to open the doors.

Create Keys

Go to the section Keys and click on the button Create. Select the right home and doors and enter the guest details. Some fields are optional but if inserted they will enable more features. . After creating the key you'll be redirected to the "keys" tab where you can see who as access to your homes.

homeit App

In addition to Text Message and Keypad, a guest can also use the homeit app to open a door. If the key has the phone number associated, the guest can download the guest and have access to the information right away.

Click in the buttons below to download:

In the "logs" tab you can see everyone that used a homeit key to enter your property. You can check the guest's details, which door was opened, when and what method was used.

Sync an iCalendar

After syncing an iCalendar link you can see every future booking in the tab Calendar. There you can create keys with a simple button click.

Add a new iCalendar

To add a new iCalendar you can go to Homes, and click at Edit Home.

Note: We are only accepting airbnb calendars. To know how to access your link you can visit this link.

Customer Support

You can reach us by email:

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